LEATHER: Sterile: EP

Jul 14, 2011

Nice! Leather crank out blistering hardcore that has a little bit of Bl’ast in the guitar sound. Four songs that stick in the mid-tempo range, allowing the band to add interesting elements, such as the change up in “Zek,” and also how the vocals are delivered towards the end of the song. “Relapse” kind of bogs down, though it’s not a horrible song. Maybe cut the duration of the song down a bit? “Novitiate” picks up the pace and recaptures the energy established by “No Motivation” and the aforementioned “Zek.” The Jade Tree website alludes to previous Leather material being tough to get a hold of. Hopefully that’s going to change. This EP is pretty good, and I definitely want to hear more, past and future.

 –M.Avrg (Jade Tree, jadetree.com)

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