Apr 27, 2009

Here is some ultra sugary power pop from Quebec sung mostly in French. You know what? I really love it. I know many in the scene may be shocked and controversy will surely ensue. I can hear it now: “But, Adrian, you can’t even mosh to this! Where’s your hardcore pride?! NYHC!” I’ll have to dismiss these detractors, because sometimes even the most brutal of the brutal (like me) need something lighter and infectiously sunshiny in their life. Le Volume definitely plays their pop from the really big end of the spectrum. Think some huge-sounding classics like Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police,” the Car’s “Magic,” and nearly anything off the Ramones’ End of the Century. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the song “Amanda” is completely ripping off Pete Townsend’s riff from “Let My Love Open the Door,” but Le Volume use it well, so I’m fine with the plagiarizing. All the big synthesizers, layered vocals, and giant-sounding guitars and drums are what I imagine the French-Canadian Brian Wilson would have sounded like had he hung with the Ramones and Ric Ocasek. I also imagine he would have worn a sweater since he was French-Canadian. I think this is the most flat-out fun-sounding record I’ve heard in a while. It gets my highest recommendation. Hell, there are even two songs on here under thirty seconds, so all my hardcore bros should like this (one’s called “Rollercoasting.” Rollercoasters are pretty NYHC!).

 –Adrian (PAF! Disques)

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