LE KID ET LES MARINELLIS: “T’es pas d’ici” b/w “Camille”: 45

Mar 05, 2010

Goodness gracious great balls of Jerry Lewis Telethons, it’s a Franc-O-Phonic poppy punksmack, and a welcome one at that!!! The a-side sounds like “Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi” by the Sniveling Shits, processed via the voice and ding-a-ling catchiness of America’s favorite Belgian, Plastic Bertrand, but recorded with the punch and crispness of The Boys, who never got to learn any French because they took technical drawing instead. There is something wonderfully insidious about a truly catchy French punk tune—sorta like huffing laughing gas whippits while a weird man in a trench coat shoves crepes in your back pocket and tells you not to waste the whipped cream or something—and rarely has glorious Francophonic insidiousness been gloriouser nor insidiouser. The b-side is more of a Nuggets-styled sixties thingie, but authentic enough in its minor-chorded tin can squawk to sound more or less carbon-datedly authentic as such. The sleeve could use some shiny jellybean colors on it, but, that said, this is pretty much the French equivalent of a home run, or triple at bare minimum. Olé! BEST SONG: “T’es Pas D’ici.” BEST SONG TITLE: “T’es Pas D’ici,” because i could actually figure out what it meant. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: There’s a download code printed right on the fricking label of this record. Wish i woulda figured that out before i forced my worn-to-a-nub needle back on my USB turntable to rip it to my hard drive. Amusingly, their own label fucks up the spelling of the a-side in the MP3 info tag, butchering it as “T’est Pas Ici”—which translates, if Google can be believed, to “thee not here.” Odds botkins!

 –norb (Telephone Explosion)