LE FACE: Isolation: LP

Mar 03, 2009

Whoa—dessssssperate. Amazing minimal punk so anxious that it’s energetic way past its simplicity. Coming from outside L.A., Le Face describes themselves as “neo-dada noise.” This could be The Urinals with Charlie Feathers added on as front man. Contagious rhythms, jittery vocals pushing and pulling it forward. You can hear despondent ‘80s sensibilities in songs like “Isolation,” “Manic Depression,” and “Tylenol Killer”—spooky, sharp edges. This is as good as anything else coming out of this city of a thousand small towns. When I was in ninth grade and saw Suburbia on VHS, I was transfixed and saved from my own suburbs. Who were these outcast kids in L.A.? When they walked in to the kid’s bedroom and The Germs’ “No God” was screeching from the record player, I had to find it. Got the same feeling when I started this record. “Who are these guys?” If you order the LP direct from the label you can also buy a (limited to 350) bonus 7” with three new songs (two non-LP and one alternate version) that were produced by The Screamers’ Paul Roessler.

 –mike (Dead Beat)

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