LE ALMEIDA: Paraleloplasmos: LP

Sep 17, 2015

Cover of the month goes to Le Almeida. A poppy beach collage with two boys in trunks bent over. One looks to be sniffing the other’s butt. I love it. The cover had me interested and the music didn’t let me down. Le Almeida is from Brazil and sing its songs in Portuguese, which I really appreciate. It sets bands apart when they sing in their own language and gives them more character. The lyrics are translated in English on the insert, but if you’re like me, you will tend to avoid those and make up your own translation. Their sound is fuzzy and sort of melancholy, reminiscent of bands like Sonic Youth and Autolux but more homemade. The vocals stay just above a whisper while the music plays mid-paced with a good degree of pop to it. I’m really enjoying this record. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Pug, [email protected])