LAWSUIT MODELS: “Dudeman” b/w “Hot Garbage”: 7”

Mar 28, 2016

This Lawsuit Models single for Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings contains no false advertising: “Dudeman” and “Hot Garbage” are indeed snappy little numbers and recordings of quality. These bouncy punk rock odes knock on your door like little kids, plaintively begging you to come out and sing along with them. A little Lawrence Arms, a little Wonder Years, a little Off With Their Heads, Denver’s Lawsuit Models may not up the ante of contemporary punk rock, but they fit in nicely, extolling the virtues of playing music with your friends, drinking beer with your friends, and growing old gracefully with your friends. The refreshing lack of pretention and abundance of humor on display make me suspect that if you’re lucky enough to attend one of Lawsuit Models’ shows, you’ll probably wake up the next morning with a gnarly hangover, a hazy recollection of the night, and all of the band members’ numbers in your phone. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Snappy Little Numbers,