LAWINE: Self-titled: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Although I respect the amount of time and thought put into this band and record, it’s just a so-so listen. I definitely agree with them that radical politics need to come back stronger in punk. It beats the dull and vapid lyrics and lack of a stance by many bands today which serve no other purpose than to generate product and be a rite of passage from youth into “adulthood.” But the music on this record lacks any sort of fire that could get the listener inspired. The performances are just there, and maybe there is some passion in the delivery; I just don’t hear it. Lawine remind me of what was happening in what was called “hardcore” in the 1990s. Not exactly a sonically awesome time. The songs have somewhat complex structures with various time changes, sound bites, and dry vocal delivery. If you long for the days of bands like Jara, Countdown To Putsch, and the like, then you might enjoy this. I’ll pass, as I never really connected with this kind of stuff on a music level. I like my punk with a bit more fire in its guts, and a truly defiant attitude.

 –M.Avrg (Contraszt!,