Jul 13, 2016

The back cover of the LP states that Laurice is a pioneer of gay activism and music, and that this LP “is totally gay from the first track to the last.” I can’t speak to Laurice’s status as a pioneer (though have no reason to doubt it), but I can attest that this is record is gay from beginning to end. Every song has a strong male-on-male sex theme, tackling topics such as large wieners likely to destroy assholes, fisting, future oral sexcapades with current lovers, lost love, and more. The music is electronic and dance-y, falling somewhere between a minimalistic Helen Love and a minimalistic Divine. With multiple listens, the record gets kind of catchy, in part because of Laurice’s vocals attempting to match the music. However, overall, the record is a bit too minimalistic, as it falls short of hitting the level of catchiness of the two previously mentioned artists, or the level of intrigue that Suicide managed to pull off. Still may be worth checking out if any of this sounds appealing to you. My copy came with a page torn out from a male nudie mag (with full nudity, but of only one dude) and promo photo of a (younger) Laurice.

 –Vincent (Mighty Mouth)

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