LATEST, THE: Self-Titled: LP

Jul 06, 2007

Definitely wasn’t expecting this. Actually, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I know it wasn’t country music. To be honest, it’s not bad country music, but it’s not straightforward Hank Williams-style country, either. It reminds me of the slower, weirder parts of bands like Masters of the Obvious (especially in the lyrics), Guided by Voices (vocally sometimes), and the Kent 3 (mostly just the guitars), and I get the feeling that these guys have listened to quite a bit of the Country Teasers as well. This record’s growing on me, except for the third song on the second side (I don’t know the names of the songs because the artwork, although really cool, is confusing), which I instantly liked. And how do you not like a record label called Peer Pressure Zombie? A recommended curveball.

 –josh (Peer Pressure Zombie)