LAST WORDS: Self-titled: LP

Jun 13, 2014

Last Words includes ex-members of Stripmines and Devour, both from Raleigh, NC, and there is no change from the uncompromising approach that both of those bands applied to their musical output on this debut album. The one big difference though is the presence of vocalist Marina Madden. She sounds like she has been the subject of demonic possession and in the process also had her vocal cords vigorously sandpapered for good measure, leaving her with a distinctive presentation that verges on the unique. The interesting thing is—despite its raw quality—I find that Madden’s vocals add a shade of light to the band which clearly differentiates it from the aforementioned combos that members have previously been in. Make no mistake, though. This is as spite-fuelled as one might expect but it is also relatively easy to listen to, if you know what I mean. This is excellent hardcore which rages from start to finish and it found a spot in my top ten album list for 2013 with something to spare. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (To Live A Lie)