LAST WORDS: Self-titled: LP

Jun 13, 2014

The speckled black-and-white cover encapsulates the noise embedded on the vinyl: “LAST WORDS” adorns the bottom corner in thick sans serif font (read: Siege), the singer’s arm is locked behind her back with the microphone buried in her teeth, and an aggro youth fist pumps with an X emblazoned on the back of his hand. It all seems so familiar—because it is. Consider this less a criticism of Last Words and more an observation of the over-reliance on same ol’ same ol’ hardcore iconography. (Also goes for leather jackets and brick walls, and parodies of the Black Flag bars.) Yet, Last Words play competent powerviolence-influenced hardcore with cement grinder vocals. Reminds me of manic Japanese hardcore like Conga Fury or Washington, DC’s Sick Fix. There’s some serious talent in this band, and I found myself nodding to most of it, but some experimentation would go a long way towards distinguishing them from the rest. For now, the music leaves a soft impression. 

 –Sean Arenas (To Live A Lie)