Last Sons Of Krypton was small town Wisconsin’s teenaged version of the infamous garage punkers The Rip Offs—the highly influential, unpretentious, raw, and snotty California punk band that spawned many imitators. Both bands existed in the early/mid ‘90s, and both put out one really great record and a handful of other releases. This LP collects songs from splits, their first demo, and a few unreleased tunes, totaling twenty tracks that fans of Supercharger, The Motards, Teengenerate, or the above-mentioned Rip Offs will certainly be really into. Much like most of the ‘90s garage scene, politically correctness isn’t a concern, and the hateful vitriol from that scene and era is very much present within the songs and packaging. This may ruffle some feathers, as it’s something that bands could get away with in the ‘90s without repercussion, but certainly could not do now. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Certified PR)