Last Pogo Jumps Again: Punk’s Last Waltz, The: DVD

May 07, 2015

The Last Pogo Jumps Againdocuments the growth of Toronto as a city as well as a Petri dish for punk. The talking heads pinpoint the arrival of The Ramones in ‘76 as being the major tipping point. The disaffected youth discarded their Aerosmith records and formed their own punk bands. Springing forth were Teenage Head, The Curse, The Cads, Viletones, The B-Girls, The Diodes, and many more. As someone unfamiliar with the early Toronto punk scene, I’m enamored by all of the killer tunes and DIY history. Colin Brunton and Kire Paputts brilliantly depict the evolution (or de-evolution) of a city. The changing architecture mirrored the social revolution as well as the demise of punk landmarks: The New Yorker, where The Ramones first performed, transformed into the Panasonic Theatre; The Colonial Underground is now a mini-park; and the Crash’n’Burn, Toronto’s first punk club, is currently business offices. As an L.A. native, I understand firsthand that the environment may change, but the punks always find a way to play. Last Pogo is a masterfully crafted beast (running time is over three hours) with an additional disc chock-full of special features. No time is wasted, and the interviewees are exhaustively mined for insightful anecdotes. Without a doubt, Last Pogo is one of the most comprehensive and inspiring documentaries on punk I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended. –Sean Arenas (3003 Danforth Ave., PO Box 93634Toronto, OntarioM4C 5R4Canada,