LAST LIGHTS: Self-titled: 7”

Nov 04, 2008

Last Lights play exciting, supremely pissed-off four-chord hardcore that has a lot of breakdowns, but doesn’t come off as gratuitously tough guy. Each song has enough different parts to avoid getting repetitive. Unfortunately, most of those parts are mosh parts, so the breakdowns don’t act as a diversion; they’re more the norm. I remedied the slow overload by flipping the pitch on my record player to 45 during the breakdowns, and enjoying a few bars of what sounded like the Bad Brains playing classic New York hardcore with a cigarette smokin’ twelve-year-old girl on the mic. As much as I complain, there is a lot to like here. This is the type of record that you’d throw on to find middle ground with your younger, straight edge cousin, in the hopes of deterring him from Earth Crisis.

 –CT Terry (Mightier Than Sword,

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