LAST LAUGH: No Regrets: CD

Aug 01, 2006

Florida isn’t all beards, gators, and good times. It, too, is beset with well meaning fans of Bad Religion, NOFX, and The Offspring starting bands in their image. Although I’m only a recent transplant I’d like to apologize on behalf of California to all local music scenes suffering under this oppression. My only advice is to start showing up to shows about forty-five minutes to an hour after doors open. If you still see khaki shorts on stage, turn around and try again in fifteen minutes. Stuart FL’s Last Laugh play adequate but unimpressive California style skate pop punk. If you like that sort of thing maybe mixed in with Rise Against, you’re set. I’m not so stoked, personally. Plus they add to the growing pile of shitty “Paint It Black” covers out there and the bass player actually admitted in writing on their website that he preferred new Metallica to old. What the fuck is that?

 –guest (Suburban Noize)