LAST DAYS: Self-titled: CDEP

Dec 14, 2005

French-Canadian hardcore punk that sounds like it could've come from anywhere in the United States. Sick, screamy vocals compliment strong guitar playing and an overuse of the toms (evidently the snare is broke or something). Unfortunately, the lyrical content is mixed, with some songs, like the opener, "Hearing Voices/Calling Shots" coming off very well-written but there's also a number like the closer, titled, "I Am Death," in which the song takes the first-person view of death. Wow, that's only slightly junior high. Not to mention that they have a song title that is the same as their band name, which I thought only '80s epic metal bands were allowed to do. Musically, it's not horrible and certainly shows a lot of potential, but at the same time, this has all been done into the ground many times before. -Kurt Morris

 –guest (2nd Hand Smoke)

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