LAST CALL, THE: Out of Ideas: CD

Jan 29, 2009

These lads of Lompoc, CA have coughed up a CD worth giving a listen to, that is, if you happen to spin the vinyl fantastic of Decry, Riotgun, or anything sounding faintly reminiscent to the likes of Fat Wreck Chords, but with balls. Balls here meaning heavy and thick. You could see these guys getting drunk together and playing with Pegboy, but not sounding exactly like each other, know what I mean, Cocko? I’ve had the chance to see these guys perform live in the famous backyard (R.I.P.) of Santa Barbara’s most gracious, liquored-up host, Mr. Tony Franco, and although I’ll never see any more great (illegal) shows in Tony’s backyard, I’ve got this disc to remind me of some of the great bands he’s had there, including this one. Check it out, fuckers.

 –dale (The Last Call)