LAST BURNING EMBERS: Distress Call: 3-song CDEP

Aug 13, 2009

Super-smart, borderline mathy rock, ala Jawbox. As a matter of fact, Last Burning Embers Jawboxian trappings are so complete, that it sounds like a hybrid cross between the albums Grippe and For Your Own Special Sweetheart – in song speed and spread, lead vocalist timbre (David Burokas’ voice signature is so close to Jay Robbins’, it’s disarming), and volume (hushed but loud, if that makes sense). I happen to like Jawbox. I also happen to know that Jawbox has broken up and will never make another song, so this is pretty good. On a related note, if you’ve ever wondered what Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover magazine sounds like as a drummer, wonder no longer. He definitely holds his own. Pleasant overall.

 –todd (Last Burning Embers)