LAS OTRAS: Devolver El Golpe: LP

Jun 14, 2014

All-female quartet from Barcelona, which doesn’t stand on ceremony as it spits and snarls across nine tracks that have a foot in both the punk and hardcore camps. The punk is provided by the simple late 1970s musical approach, reminiscent of The Avengers, whilst the hardcore comes through in the frenetic pace and wrath within the songs. Lyrics are in the band’s native Spanish but the insert includes an English translation. It helps to clarify why the band is so angry, much of which is due to gender inequality. I have to add that I really like the drumming on this record as, it is so much more than just banging away to keep up the tempo. It adds a kind of 1980s U.K. anarcho vibe to the recording. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Discos Sense Nom)

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