I had received this Finnish band’s debut 7” awhile back. Not really sure when I got the record, but I did review it in issue fifty-one. So many records have passed through the turntable since then. But to see that this band (who have been simmering since the ‘90s when they first formed, and then released a 7” in the 2000s) now have a full length is exciting. Looking back at that review, they seem to have continued paying homage to their roots, playing music that could be classified as early ‘80s Finnish punk. Not sounding like it, but could easily be from that time period. The recording has a raw 4 or 8 track tape recording-like sound, not like today’s ProTools computer recordings. The dirtiness adds character to the recordings, which almost gives you the illusion of it being an archive recording from the past. Musically, they sound like their compatriots of the time, like early Riistetyt or Appendix but with their own flavor. This is a well-done sophomore effort that continues to show how great this band truly is. I was definitely entertained and hope more is on the horizon. Co-released with Roku Records, Heat Wave Records, and Kamaset Levyt Records.

 –don (Hohnie)