LAPINPOLTHAJAT: Self-titled: 7”

Jul 02, 2009

A fantastic record from a band that supposedly formed in the ‘90s and didn’t release anything until now. I think that was a good thing. This band from Finland seemed to have taken their time to hone their craft: a grouping of songs which are tight and aggressive with an underlying feel of melody bleeding through. Taking the more punk sound of a band like Appendix and adding the melody of early Asta Kask are songs which are not overdone and straight to the point. You can hear the band taking influences from their early ‘80s forefathers and adding their own flair, giving it modern day relevance. I also like that they didn’t seem to have rushed the recording process, choosing their song selection precisely. Having listened to this numerous times, there is not one filler in the bunch. It’s a well-produced recording that retains a rawness that this style of music needs. This 7” is pleasant surprise from a band that I will definitely keep an eye out for.

 –don (Heat Wave)