Jun 23, 2009

I want to be fair to this album and give it constructive criticism, but my first reaction to the music is to just be mean with my review. So I kept listening to this album, and the more I listened to it, the meaner I felt. It’s tough. The Lanternjack play very radio-friendly rock’n’roll, and by “radio friendly,” I mean slow. It’s on tempo with, say, Danzig or the Cult’s SonicTemple. The choruses are repeated a lot, which is okay sometimes, but when they do it every song, it gets tiring. The singer really believes he can sing, which is probably nice for his self-esteem, but it’s not good for me. I prefer vocals to be more like an extra instrument and less like the whole focus of every song. So here’s my constructive criticism: play your songs twice as fast and half as long. Take out everything that sounds remotely like a guitar solo – especially the five minute long guitar solo in “Come Around” (well, okay, it’s not literally five minutes long, but some of my favorite Kid Dynamite songs literally don’t last as long as that guitar solo). Or you can keep the songs exactly as they are and send your review copies to a heavy metal magazine. Because, to be honest, The Lanternjack don’t lack talent. This album is fine for what it is. It just lacks any resemblance the punk rock I love.

 –sean (Low Down)