LANGHORNE SLIM: When the Sun’s Gone Down: CD

Jun 13, 2007

Folk music has not been this good in a long time; Langhorne Slim’s debut full-length is filled with finger-pickin’ bluegrass goodness with a dash of rock’n’roll added to the fairytale. His voice resembles Tiny Tim’s mixed with the raspy blues vocals of the past, while the guitar and banjo playing flows beautifully throughout the record. He sings about love past and present, misunderstandings, awkwardness, and other emotional attributes that any one person can be empathic toward. You wouldn’t think a twenty-two-year-old man such as himself could do it all so well, but he can and does. There have been a ton of retro-minded artists coming along these last few years, but I have not heard any of them (with the exception of The Starvations) do justice to the past up until I heard this album. Listen to “In the Midnight” or “Hope and Fulfillment” and you will understand why. Grab your best gal and get ready to shoot your eyes out; this is grade A material.

 –guest (Narnack)