LANDS ON FIRE: Self-titled: CD

Sep 30, 2008

My experience with this record: I make the twenty minute walk to the drugstore and listen to this. From the name/cover art, I’m guessing it’s going to be some form of metal. Track one starts, and there’s like a little flamenco intro. Does this mean it’s going to quick turn into some sort of crazy black and/or death metal? The metal sounding part comes, but it’s kind of standard, nothing too crazy. As it goes on, it sounds like one of those “big/scenester” type bands that looks like a modern hair metal band, but more listenable. But there’s something else that’s weird; the subtle upstrokes, the occasional flamenco part. Is there a joke here? Is this band secretly mocking all of these MTV17 hipster bands? I mean, the music isn’t terrible, and there’re some lines about over consumption, so it’s not just “Wah wah” tripe. Seriously, I hope there’s somewhat of a non-serious element to it, because I did laugh. 

 –joe (Cold Feet)