The latest release from Landmine Marathon (the band’s fourth and second for Prosthetic), finds them showcasing their fullest production and sound to date. The band’s grindcore and death metal roots are entirely in effect over the course of the eight songs. Grace Perry’s vocals sound amazing and are the strongest they have ever been (and they weren’t bad before, by any means). She has been honing her craft and her vocals are the main propellant of each song. While the novelty of a female vocalist may have gained the band some notoriety in the metal scene, by now Perry has made it clear that she can hold her own, and then some. My primary complaint with Gallows (beside the mere thirty minute time length) is the lack of conviction from the rest of the band. The music doesn’t seem to match the ferocity of Perry’s vocals, nor does it excite or break any new ground. There are very few memorable grooves, riffs, or breakdowns and if anything sticks out it is the occasional catchy discernable lyric from Perry. The music plays homage to many genres—hardcore, grind, thrash and death—but on Gallows, Landmine Marathon seems to show themselves to be a jack of all trades but not quite yet a master of any of them.

 –kurt (Prosthetic)