LANDLORD: A Box Uh Rocks: Cassette

Apr 27, 2009

This originally felt like a lot to digest: twenty-four tracks of music comprised of two full-length albums (Lifers and No Matter Where You Live) on one cassette. Yet, the more I listened to it, the shorter it got; to the point that what once felt overwhelming now feels just right. This is some seriously great punk music with heavy pop elements. It’s got great trembly vocals that pierce through the surrounding music to deliver some captivating lyrics. Without a lyric sheet, I’m left to pick up random lines as I go, which, in a way, accentuates the songs. They become a great phrase wrapped in sonic beauty and lyrical mystery. This music makes me want to be at a crowded house show, where everything is too hot save the beer in my hand, restlessly waiting for my chance to scream along, “I’m not a callous man, I just have shallow tastes.”

 –Rene Navarro (The People’s Republic Of Rock And Roll)