LAND OF WOLVES: Self-titled: EP

Apr 28, 2016

This four piece call Seattle home and aggression their muse. Just shy of a year old, they’ve pieced themselves together with the bits of other broken bands to form a group of clenched-fisted angst. Land Of Wolves is the type of band that may be too punk for hardcore fans, and vice versa. Instead of starting lawnmowers, they’re starting pits. They’re picking up change to buy the next round with. Singer Brian Fernandes charges through screeching guitars, jack-hammer drumming, and earth-shaking bass with an unbridled intensity that waxes and wanes with the rest of the band flawlessly. The tunes are super charged and are closely akin to the likes of Lower Class Brats, The Boils, and Pressure Point, but do so while leaning away from oi. Don’t get me wrong. Their anger takes root in the working class; they’ve just got a bit more hair on their heads. Song themes repeatedly circle around selling your life for a measly paycheck and getting beat down by the daily grind. Their lyric sheet leaves you with a guiding principle: “Life can be shit, but struggle through and stay alive.” And with this record, at least you can abide by those words all whilst screaming your own. Play it loud.

 –Kayla Greet (Abomination Nation)