LAMA: Self-titled: CD

May 27, 2009

I’m guessing this a discography of sorts for this legendary Finland band that I only heard of from my brother’s record collection. Like many bands that have grown in popularity after they had broken up, Lama influenced generations of punks down the road. They were together from 1979 and disbanded at the end of 1982. Hearing bands like Lama from that time period, I get excited like I’m hearing punk from other countries for the first time. Not fast, but blistering and raw in its own right. I have no idea what the lyrical content is because they are sung in Finnish. The music is early ‘80s punk that had that unique Finnish sound. To give reference, I hear a mixture of the Germs mixed with early UK punk like the UK Subs and how it got translated in Finland. I'm sure glad that this graced the palms of my hand. With collector prices these days, it would cost a fortune to compile these songs from the original releases.

 –don (Stupido Twins)