LAGWAGON: Live in a Dive: CD

Aug 25, 2006

Here is a band on Fat that I have liked a song here and there for years but would not call myself a fan. So I find it hard to review this because I really don’t particularly enjoy this band at the moment. What I can comment on is that for a live recording, they really do a great job on the production of them. This series surpasses a lot of live recordings that I have heard through the years. I cringe when I have to listen to a live recording. Something always sounds bad on one of those. It’s really hard to translate what it feels and sounds like to actually be there. But this series is an example of how a band should be recorded live. Not everybody has the budget to do it this way, but this sounds better than a lot of bands’ studio recordings. See what you get when you pay attention to the quality? The real Lagwagon fans will eat this up. So why do I have to sell this with my shitty opinion?

 –don (Fat)