LAGWAGON: Let’s Talk about Feelings: CD

Mar 23, 2012

Look, I went to high school in the suburbs during the late ‘90s/early ‘00s. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t own this the first time around. At the time, I bought this because I was just getting into punk rock, and from what I could gather from the internet, Lagwagon was a band you were supposed to like, and I’d heard one or two other songs of theirs that were pretty good. While I couldn’t really get into most of the other records, I thought this was solid—which, looking back, it’s fast, melodic songs about being super depressed, which is basically a good chunk of what I listen to today, minus the skate punk part. This reissued version comes with more extra material than the length of the original album, though it’s a little hit or miss. Again, I won’t pretend I won’t throw this on every once and a while, both my modern and high school self grinning the whole time.

 –joe (Fat Wreck)