LAGRECIA: On Parallels: CD

Oct 29, 2008

This is the newest band to feature Jason Shevchuk from Kid Dynamite and None More Black. Apparently, LaGrecia lasted just long enough to release this album before breaking up. This doesn’t sound like too big of a departure from the last None More Black album, This Is Satire. If anything, I guess you could say this tends to be slightly more melodic and straight forward. I just miss all the “whoa, oh, oh’s” and “hey, hey, hey’s” that Shevchuk used to throw into all his other songs. Now they’re only in every other song or so. Actually, “Two Shotguns” has a bunch of them, come to think about it. Anyway, this is pretty good if you’re a fan of melodic punk that puts the emphasis on melody. Oh, and in case you’re not familiar with Shevchuk from his other bands, he has a mighty distinctive, gravelly voice which might be an acquired tasted for some, but I happen to quite enjoy it. The cover art is really nice too, and I’m sure it’s a tattoo just waiting to happen for hundreds of hardcore dudes. 

 –Adrian (Suburban Home)