LAFCADIO: Sham Duvet: CD

Aug 19, 2006

This Indianapolis-based noise metal band delivers their nine-song debut with a schizophrenic energy reminiscent of Mr. Bungle mixed with Deftones, Faith No More (or anything Mike Patton’s had his hands in), Don Caballero, and your average noise band. There’s a definite prog edge to the music with vocals that range from hardcore screaming to singing and metal growling to spoken word. Of course, to add to its immensity, Sham Duvet is a concept album and the lyrics read just like the chapters to a book, laying out the tale of the protagonist, the aptly named Sham Duvet. As their website says, he “is a neurotic/prophetic figure with a messiah complex.” This whole thing wasn’t entirely up my alley but it’s got great production and is pulled off well and has a lot of intensity and quality musicianship. Fans of the genre would do well to check this out.

 –kurt (Joyful Noise)

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