LADIES, THE: Self-titled: EP

Nov 22, 2009

Remember when the Dwarves used to be good? Seriously, they used to be a great band. No, I’m not lit. Listen to Blood, Guts & Pussy, then you’ll agree. Well, The Ladies sound like the Dwarves used to sound. Punk rock that’s short, stupid, offensive, and ripping! It’s all the things that make a punk band worth a shit, and there aren’t many out there these days. “Trashed” is about what you think, and is over before you can sit down. The B side is a tad bit longer, since it has two songs: “She Just Don’t Care” and “Can’t Come In.” Hearkens back to the days when punk was a dirty word, and made the straights a bit uneasy. Some things should have never changed...

 –M.Avrg (Cowabunga)