LAB RATS, THE: Start Thinking: CD

Feb 25, 2009

Since this band is based up in the bay area, I would picture them perfectly at a

Gilman Streetshow. These guys blew me away! I get goose bumps when I hear elements of Nardcore meets late eighties fastcore. Intensity that doesn’t waver. The speed without going into a blur. Punk rock that has the snottiness, speed, and musicianship that pulls it all together. They definitely kept my attention. I felt like I was back at the Cathay de Grande. If you don’t know about the Cathay, it was my Gilman back in the early-to-mid eighties in Hollywood. With the name they have chosen, I swear I was going to get to listen to some mediocre melodicore band. Loved to be proven wrong. I am a fan!  –don (New Disorder)