LA PESTE: Better Off La Peste: CD

Aug 12, 2006

…i actually never really thought “Better Off Dead” was all that hot shit; the lyrics are flat out stupid (“that girl’s only thirteen, she ain’t never given/givin’ head!”), and they’re sung in this sort of affected, pretentious, echoey art-poet tone—it just didn’t MOVE me. A couple songs into this primarily loft-tape retrospective, and i realized i was Wrong As Heck about this band—a good chunk of this ‘70s expose IS all that hot shit, and engaging as all get-out (i may have that backwards, but you’ve got the general tone of my vector). You can tell that this stuff directly precursed (if that’s even a word) bands like Mission Of Burma, but it’s also apparent that this stuff is punk with a capital UNK. If you, like me, have grown steadily less interested in obtaining posthumous retrospectives of “great, lost” punk bands with minimal studio recordings to their credit, i suggest for your own personal safety you rethink your life utterly and clasp this disc to your heaving bosom. CLASP IT I SAY!!! BEST SONG: “Kindness Invites Abuse” BEST SONG TITLE: “Kindness Invites Abuse” MOST VIVID TRUISM GLEANED FROM LYRICS OR SONG TITLE: “Kindness Invites Abuse” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Kindness Invites Abuse” Also, did Gang Green ever cover “Spymaster?” I think they did it on that live 10”, but i can’t remember now.

 –norb (Dionysus)

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