LA DESCENTE DE COUDE: L’ Indécence du Coup: CD

Jun 22, 2007

Goddamn, if bands like Weird War and (International) Noise Conspiracy were (in the first case) actually or (in the second) consistently this good, I’d have started pegging my trousers and getting bowl cuts years ago, man. Instead it took some French Canadian band I’ve never even heard of to prove that it’s actually possible to kick out catchy, smart dance punk that doesn’t leave the listener feeling like he’s been eating a bucket of Sweet Tarts and watching static on the television for six hours. A statement like that says something, considering the lyrics are exclusively in French and I have only the basest understanding of what it is they’re singing about. The accompanying catalog claims these guys are political as fuck; the anger’s certainly there, though it’s filtered through beats that make me want to shake my ass more than a bit, as frightening as that would be. I generally do enjoy bands like (I)NC and the Washdown quite a bit, but these guys, even with the language barrier, are blowing them right out of the water with this one.

 –keith (Dare to Care)