KYLESA: Self-titled: CD

Mar 16, 2003

I’m a sucker for Pushead art. It just draws me in from a feeling deep inside of seeing his artwork on so many early to mid-’80s punk records. This might be a hard release for some to take. The music might sound monotone for some, experimental for others. Maybe too overtly metallic? This a dirge of white noise mayhem that may be disturbing for some people’s sonic senses. The tonal aura is in the deep low for an irritating pierce of the eardrums. The music is challenging yet intriguing in a depressed sort of way. The charge points are interspersed when you least expect it. Stimulating, yet touches upon the deep anger or depression of one’s self. Off the top of my head, this might be a reflection of a mixture of Dystopia meets Carcass. If you are looking for the generic punk formula, look elsewhere. If you need a change of pace and want something challenging, this might be the ticket. I, for one, have never listened to this band before. But the artwork drew me in.

 –don (Prank)