KYLESA: Self-titled: 7"

Jan 29, 2009

My special lady friend is really helping me out appreciating rock'n'roll. My parents were too busy listening to Abba cover bands (like Galaxy) to pull out any AC/DC or Black Sabbath in my really formative years. I went directly from the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar to Minor Threat. Twenty years later, I'm almost on the cusp where I can name some rock songs. Point? Kylesa owes about equal deference to both Black bands – Flag and Sabbath. They've got deep-dragging nets of heaviness (not quickness. It's not blur-core but there's a ton of weight) that pick up and explode from sweeping up floating mines in their songs, erupting at unexpected times. If you want me to get into this decade, think along the lines of Dillinger Escape Plan, trading in their jazziness for more pounding, grinding, and woven punishment. Features former (?) members of Damad and Cobra Kai. The B-side is a Fartz cover, (who, did a Sabbath cover on one of their albums, so this whole thing comes full circle) and features Chris Bickel of Guyana Punch Line singing along. What makes this even sweeter is the Pushead cover art, the foil stamp, the colored vinyl, and mine came with a squished earwig inside the sleeve. Not a bad gig at all.

 –todd (Prank)