KYLESA: No Ending/A 110 Degree Heat Index: 7"

Apr 02, 2009

Extremely depressing blend of progressive, virtuoso math metal mixed with a dirge of punk energy. From the ashes of Damad, this band continues on with a bombastic din of white noise that makes you clench your teeth to point of cracking. Not for the timid or meek. When happy just won’t do. This is a perfect accessory to one’s overabundant rage or dislike with life. The riffs are heavy and intricate. The layers accent the mood. Bass tones are on the low end to deliver a pounding to drive the feeling of helplessness. Great stuff. Collector nerd features include Pushead artwork, title of band in gold leaf, and colored vinyl (for mailorder only). My copy came on purple vinyl swirled with white. also put out a double 7” version with a different cover, Pushead signature, beige vinyl with white swirls, and two extra tracks that I bought.

 –don (Prank)