Jul 10, 2009

Rule Number Fucking One: Put the speed on the 7" label, or at least the packaging. Kylesa: Since I don’t know the speed, here's two interpretations. At 33 RPM, their songs are plodders that I assume are trying to build tension or Sabbath-heavy chunkatude, but I just don't get the chains-a-draggin', intestines-stretched-to-hell vibe. My attention span for sludgecore is nil. I'd rather watch water turn into ice cubes. At 45 RPM, it sounds a lot like a mean Mr. Bungle fronted by Alvin Chipmunk. I really liked their debut 7". This just don’t rattle me at either speed. Memento Mori: the first song sounds like a soundtrack to a man frolicking in purple tights at Renaissance fair. Unnngh, fruity. Their second song, "Dirt Roads and Howls of Wolves," is the best of the four. It's dirty, metally, has a couple of great pace changes, and would be something Pushead could stamp with approval. Think in the same vein as Buzzov-en or the more straight-ahead Unsane.


 –todd (Hyperrealist)