Rad Girlfriend Records is right: this may be the “Weirdest 7” ever.” The A side features punk rock comedian Kyle Kinane doing seven minutes on rescuing a skunk with its head stuck in a mayonnaise jar. With his trademark gravelly rumble, he deconstructs his own ridiculousness, while endearing himself to those with a soft spot for adorable “aminals” in distress. Recorded in Omaha, NE, the track also features a live audience who cannot contain their glee at Kinane’s Grizzly Man wannabe misadventures. The B side plays much quicker, as Minneapolis punks The Slow Death fly through delightfully messy, harmonica-soaked covers of (Young) Pioneers’ “We Ain’t Even Married” and “Fuck the Labor Pool” without pausing for a breath in between. The package is rounded out by Mitch Clem and Joe Dunn’s simple, iconic artwork, making this piss-colored split a truly marvelous oddity. 

 –Kelley O’Death (Rad Girlfriend, [email protected], / Silver Sprocket, [email protected],