KYEO SPEAKS #6: $?, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 40 pgs.

Half-sized music fanzine leaning towards screamo from unlikely places such as Normal, Illinois and Edmonton, Alberta (or does an “unlikely” place make screamo more likely?), as well as reviews, tour journals, and an internet message board/email beef about Top Shelf records reprinted in full. I like that the band interviews focus on the specific character of the places the bands are from, although the interviews often go into uninteresting territory because the questions become specifically referential to uninteresting aspects of the band’s friendship with the interviewer. Aside from that, I think everything here is spot on. Interviewing/reading interviews is hard––I’m sure the (well-done) interview with Joseph McRedmond (of Hoover, Admiral, etc.) would be much more captivating for a big fan of his bands and music, but when I finished the interview I was just left wondering, “Why didn’t they ask him more about working with adults with developmental disabilities?” This was my mode during reading most of Kyeo Speaks––wishing it was more “for me” but understanding that that’s no mark against what it is.