May 18, 2010

The lynchpin for these two Swedish bands is Motörhead, and in the parts where Lemmy and Co. would go noodly and Fast Eddie would get fret-happy, replace those bits with Minor Threat, Slayer, dark skies, and D-beats. Due to America’s crumbling educational system, this is a short lesson in Swedish. (Prior to this, all I knew was the Swedish Chef, Swedish Fish, and Swedish meatballs; and figuring I’m a fan of all three, why not?) Kvoteringen (“quota expansion and financing” if split to its roots of “Kvot” and “Teringen”) is from Örebro. They share members with both Millencolin and Totalitär (“totalitarian”), and, appropriately, sound like the middle ground between the two, with Motörhead (“badass rock’n’roll”) thrown in. Song titles—Vi Har Fått Nog (“We’ve Had Enough”), Allt å Alla (“Everything at All”)—cue you into their head space. Stockholm’s Nitad (“Riveted”) ratchet up the energy with their two rippers: Digitala Ögon (“Digital Eye”) and “Riv Ner” (“Tear Down”). It’s close, but I’m liking the Nitad side just a little bit more. There’s just more oomph. Utmärkta resultat. (“Excellent record.”)

 –todd (Kranium, krnm.se)