KUNG FU USA: Neversign: CD

May 26, 2008

The artwork on this release definitely deserves mention. It is a collage of record label imprints. There are majors and indies all over it, but not the one of the band’s actual label, Starcleaner, which makes it not only confusing, but impossible to tell who released this without previous knowledge (that I didn’t have). So, how does it sound? Well, this is another band with Shell and Jen (of Shellshag). Like 50 Million’s Broad Side that I checked out this cycle, it isn’t a recent release. It came out in 2002. Listening to it though, I would have thought that it came out in the early ‘90s—it has a definite indie alternative vibe (whatever that means). It’s daring and dirty. It’s sarcastic, spastic, and super catchy. The verses catch you and keep you tuned until the choruses get you hooked. This is a definite for fans of Nirvana, Pixies, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Shellac, or even Magnapop. Again, like 50 Million, this gets a, “Holy fuck. What was I doing to miss this?” I hope it was worth it, whatever it was.

 –Vincent (Starcleaner, www.starcleaner.com)

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