KUNG FU MONKEYS, THE: Electric Tangerine Smile, Shindig Volume 3 in 3-D: 7”

Mar 06, 2007

Having been born in the early 1970s, it’s tough for me to hearken back to the beach blanket bingo days of the 1950s, or the psychedelic garage pop experience of the 1960s. I don’t know when the Kung Fu Monkeys were born, but they’ve created a 7” that takes you back directly to these bygone eras, and more. “American Beach Party USA (We’re Having Christmas for Breakfast)” is sugary, not saccharine, bubblegum pop with a Beatnik Termites vibe that makes you wanna bleach your hair, grab a surf board, and show off for the babes sunning themselves in bikinis. “I Dig the Way That You Move” would fit nicely on a Zombies record or Nuggets compilation. The flip side has tinges of Beat Happening minimalism on the first song, finishing off with “Summertime in the Desert,” which I’m thinking inspired one Todd Taylor to send this to me for review (that and the fact that one of the guys in the band is, in a remarkable coincidence, called Reno!). “Summertime…” is that tune you wanna hear once the sun has set, the stars are out, and your best girl is snuggled up beside you. You never want the moment, or song, to end. This is a perfect piece of underground pop. Highly recommended.

 –benke (Whoa Oh)