KUNG FU MONKEYS: Son Of…The Incredibly Strange Case of the Mysterious Mystery: 7”

Jul 23, 2012

I do believe that whatever loose screws have been rattling around in James Cahill’s noggin for the last fifteen years have finally vibrated themselves free: “The songs on this ep rehearse two versions of the same event: The young and charming Heloise appealing to the vegetal queen of the underworld to spare humanity from the apocalypse, for which the disappearance of the North American honey bee is taken to be an ominous portent. We hope you can dig it!” This ep is also a sequel to an ep which has not been released yet, which is itself a sequel to the song “Heloise’s Epiphany,” a Kung Fu Monkeys bonus track recorded by the “psychedelic pop group” The Peppermint Engine, who were, themselves, the Kung Fu Monkeys in…uh…disguise. Right then. Speaking in a more brusquely quantitative manner, “Persephone Please” is a fey bit of Sunshine Pop falling somewhere between “Emily Small” by the Picadilly Line and “Sunshine Girl” by The Parade, which i’m sure means a lot to a lot of people. “A Nudie Suit Made of Bees” is more like a falsettoed elf singing poet karaoke to “Throwaway Style” by the Exploding Hearts. Needless to say, all of Earth breathlessly awaits the prequel! BEST SONG: “Persephone Please” BEST SONG TITLE: “A Nudie Suit Made Of Bees” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The lyrics to “Persephone Please” make reference to an “alter”—not “altar”—boy. COULD THIS BE THE CLUE PERSEPHONE SO DESPERATELY SEEKS?

 –norb (Surfin’ K, myspace.com/surfinkirecords)

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