KULTURKAMPF: What Remains…: CD

Sep 17, 2015

“The Score” leads off What Remains… without a hook, just a metallic, plodding street crust track that leans too much on the far superior His Hero Is Gone catalog. Kulturkampf translates to “cultural struggle,” and luckily these Watertown, NY cats struggle within their genre and deliver a mean mash up for the other eleven tracks. Equal parts Tragedy, the last three Napalm Death releases, and thrash breakdowns, Kulturkampf will do your denim- and leather-studded soul good. The back cover art, doomed society collage style, makes more of an impression than the overly “metal” front cover art and band logo, so just flip it over and stick with that. 

 –Matt Seward (All We’ve Got, allwevegot.com)