KRYLLS: Self-titled: CDEP

Jan 07, 2008

This five-song EP didn’t look like much, but upon slapping it in the player, I was taken back to a time in North American underground music when the lines of what was “punk” or “hardcore” weren’t so black and white. Bands could sound like pretty much anything, and it was cool as long as it was well outside what was considered “normal”. Krylls would have fit in nicely. Musically, I could have sworn that this was some lost EP by Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac-era Butthole Surfers with better recording. There is some serious art damage going on here and I love it! Music to drool and dilate to. Fans of Buttholes, Scratch Acid, and Jesus Lizard take note.

 –ty (