KRUNCHIES, THE: Interrobang: 7" EP

Apr 02, 2009

It’s not to far off to think of Criminal IQ Records as building a house in the Dangerhouse, early Posh Boy, early Frontier subdivision of music. They haven’t yet released anything’s that’s bad, it’s stylistically all in the same ballpark, but their bands are definitely not retreaded radials of one another. The Krunchies are no exception – dual male/female vocals – the lady is an acquired voice (I like it), almost like if you put a microphone up to a fuzzy, baby chick (as in just-born chicken), amplified its voice, and made it angry – and couple it with spastic bass lines and guitar work that sounds like it’s hooked up to a food processor (serrate, chop, blend, gallop). The music behind the vocals reminds me of the debut Red Cross EP mixed with early Plugz, if that’s any help. I can’t say anything bad about ‘em. Rock solid EP. Look forward to more.

 –todd (Criminal IQ)