Mar 06, 2007

Did I just stick my finger in an outlet or do these fucking guys rip?!? I’ll answer that for you. This CD is frying my brain! The Krunchies have the energy of a caffeinated and sugared up five-month-old puppy that just took a hit of cocaine. There are twelve songs on this CD in just over nineteen minutes of sheer rock! Tinny guitar riffs and sloppy bass lines layered nicely over flowing hard and fast paced, almost hardcore, beats. Male/female fronted vocals that sing and scream over the top of the musical insanity. In fact, Amanda’s high-pitched screaming could break some glass. Not only do they musically amaze me, but they have song titles like “Reaffirming my Hatred of Humanity through Failed Relationships” and “Kill Your Face/Murder My Will.” It’s hard to make comparisons and make it sound accurate, because even though the genre sounds similar, I can’t place a band that has a similar sloppy fast garage/no wave sound that can pull off the amount of energy these guys have. This just may be one of my new favorites. Now they just have to tour out west so I can see them.

 –guest (Criminal IQ)